January 16, 2007

Yo Sushi!

I have a new favorite restaurant and it has the subtle name of Yo Sushi! There are something like eight locations in London and I’ve eaten at four of them in the past month.

Being frugal I love coupons and Yo Sushi has the mother-of-all coupons valid January 15-31 – half price on any item off the belt. The belt you ask? This is the truly classic sushi experience of the food moving along a conveyer belt in front of you so that you can be tempted and taunted by every delectable item. Please don’t think about how long some of the less popular or more exotic items have been on the belt – you already have to suspend your sushi disbelief to eat raw fish.

The other interesting challenge that again plays into my cheapness/frugality is that every item is in a little circular dish with a plastic globe top. The dishes are color coded for different prices. Oh yes, what can be the yummiest, cheapest thing you can find? Or, why not splurge and get the most exotic expensive item that is hot out of the fryer. That’s what I did last night with Hairy Prawns. Why on earth would anyone be excited to eat a hairball with a shrimp in the middle? Well, I had two. It turned into a love-hate attraction-repulsion kind of thing. Perhaps I’m over the hair in the food trauma I’ve had since my brother made us brownies on Passover and somehow managed to get a GIANT hairball in the batter. Okay, the trauma has returned.

I wish I had photos of the dishes but the website is flash and I can’t download any. Visit their menu and turn the pages to Tempura. You’ll see the dish on the left side of the page.

Caugh, Caugh, Meow.