January 6, 2007

To Market! To Market!

Borough Market located on the south side of the Thames just past the London Bridge is one of Europe’s oldest markets. Stephen has been eager for us to visit since he knows I love Farmers’ Markets. So today we trekked to the mother of all Farmers’ Markets. Stephen tells me that there has been a market on this spot since Roman times.

Specializing in gourmet foods, fresh meets, poultry and fish, as well as plenty of produce and bakery items, the market is a place to meet every dietary vision - from fully vegan to fresh from the hunt.

Highlights included:
--Fresh chocolate truffles exploding from wooden bowls
--Hot ginger, honey, lemon “cider”
--Pheasant not-yet-plucked (and bunnies too)
--Wild Boar sausages
--Brownies the size of books
--Cheeses in full rounds

It was super crowded even though it was raining like the Dickens today. But this did get me a super deal on Tofu since the guy wasn't getting his regular crowd.

The line drawing picture is from the Wikipedia page on Borough Market.
Photos by me today.