January 8, 2007

Reality of TV

I just want you to know that I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to give up my latest craze – reality tv shows. No, it isn’t the same as gossip blogs. Okay, but it isn’t a New Year’s resolution so I’m not breaking any promises.

Here are my favorites.

Dog the Bounty Hunter – I can’t get enough of Dog and his with Beth as well as the rest of the gang. They pray before busting any criminals and he always lectures the captured on how they need to change their lives. I’m not religious but there is something heartwarming about his passion for reform. Let’s not point out that he is currently sitting in a cell in a Mexican prison. Those giant super hero muscles, crazy blonde, blow dried big hair, Beth’s boom boom boobs and all the tattoos. Visual overload.

American Chopper – the boys of Orange County Chopper are close to my heat. I think it is the family dynamic that I can watch for episode up on episode. There are some similarities to Dog’s gang. First Paul Sr. is ginormous like Dog – with the blond hair, big muscles, tatts and of even a handlebar mustache. His relationship with sons Paulie and Mikey is painful to watch and endlessly humorous. Plus, they have that Hudson Valley New York accent that reminds me of home.

Myth Busters – I’ve burned out a bit on this one but can always find interest in their location which is Alameda California – just next door to Oakland.

Celebrity Big Brother – this is an obsession and now I understand why. Somehow we started watching this past Saturday night and it is an instant addiction – the crack of bad TV. One of the cable channels shows the program live 24 hours a day. Nothing happens and it is totally boring but somehow reassuring to know that you can watch their bizarre situation. Plus, it has my first TV love Dirk Benedict formerly of Battlestar Gallactica and the A Team. He is best know as The Face. It is so reassuring to hear his American accent. Unfortunately Germaine Jackson is also on the show, demonstrating his American accent and typical Jackson bizarre lifestyle.

Okay, I’m working on some evening activities that do not involve TV and the internet. We do go to museums and other cultural activities every week so hold your judgement!