November 20, 2006

A Sick Day is Not an Option

You are looking at the pile of supplies that is sitting in our flat waiting for the British Gas installation technician to arrive and install. Unfortunately he called in sick today, his first day on our job. Lovely. Computer says "no sick days!" (Joke only fully understood if you watch Little Britain.)

Dude, we're on week four of no heat and no hot water. You're sick, well me too. I finally got over my cold which I'm sure was caused by showering with cold water.

The new boiler is in that big box in the center. I could just open it and give it a go. But not sure how to use all the pipes.

Well, if you think I'm sad you should see the guy who delivered this stuff. He told me that he is quitting this horrible job because non of the techs were at any of the houses and he needs them to help him bring the beast up the stairs. He was nearly in tears. I was going to give him a hug but he smelled quite bad. Anyway, I think this is a scam since clearly all the techs called in sick today. Or, maybe there is only one tech.

The supervisor promises that we'll have someone tomorrow. Oh sure. You would think this was a free service and we weren't paying close to £4,000 (= $8,000).

By the way, we have a room in the hotel next to us so we are able to shower. It is funny that the hotel doesn't wonder why we arrive each morning to shower. I mess up the beds to make sure they clean the bathroom. Like having a second home. Too bad I can't figure out how to make the heaters work.

Can we say this is officially culture shock?