November 30, 2006

First Week on the Job

I'm alive again! The first week on the job has been great. My associates are friendly, professional and hard working. Like any nonprofit they are a bit burnt out from over-working. The resources are limited but I'm blown away by what they produce.

What I love about the job is that my role is strategy. What a dream. Essentially I'm an in-house consultant on a two year assignment focused on business development. Entering with an exit strategy.

Being outside the arts really isn't bothering me. In fact, I feel that my horizons are expanding.

What you really want to know about is the boiler. Still running on high and dripping. No sign of the tech. And now...the clothes washer isn't working. Seems that when they reinstalled they didn't connect it properly. Am I living in a Monty Python skit or what?