November 4, 2006

Borat Takes on America

The mocumentary Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was our cultural intake on Friday night. I laughed so hard that my face still hurts and my eyes are swollen from tears (or maybe the smoky pub that we visited before the film).

Borat is the genius humour of Sacha Baron Cohen. Every minute of this film movie (as Borat says) is entertaining and takes the piss out of the US. If you go to see it try not to be offended by the Jewish humour – that is Jews being the butt of many bits (only a Brit would get that alliteration). Sacha is not only Jewish but he had pretty much the same upbringing as me – Jewish community, education and culture in his every day life. Hum, maybe that's why I find this funny - sorry folks. The depth of the film is Baron Cohen’s ability to let people prove their foolishness by opening the ugly inner-dialogue door and letting them walk through.

My favourite scene is when Borat and his film producer end up in a battle, okay, naked wrestling match, over a Baywatch Magazine. Of course it is the basest moment in the film. Stephen loved a dinner party scene in a nice Southern town and also enjoyed when Borat sings the National Anthem at a Rodeo. Actually, he sings the Nation of Kazakhstan’s anthem to the tune of the American National Anthem. See it to believe it.

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