October 28, 2006

A Quick First Aid Question

Okay, please don't laugh. Or, go ahead and have a good chuckle and then send me advice.

Here's the problem. I used wax earplugs while in Paris and a bit of the wax has gotten stuck in my ear. It is now securely lodged deep in my ear canal and I can't get it out.

Paris is dotted with little pharmacies and the one near our hotel said that I would need to go to the doctor to get it removed. Maybe they would have pulled a Van Gough on me and cut the ear off. Yes, I should just be thankful they spoke English.

It has been four days now that the wax is stuck. To prevent infection we told another pharmacy (without going into the details) that I have an ear ache and they provided me with spray medication. I've been spraying that stuff in my ear three times a day. It is gooey but not making a difference. Now I can tell that the hearing is a bit off in that ear. Clogged from swimming kind of hearing loss.

Now that we're back in London I'm going to see if a pharmacy here has ear wax removal spray - which I know is intended for the wax that you naturally accumulate in your ear. It is worth a try.

For additional assistance I've posted a question on this cool Yahoo website that I saw featured on a poster in the Tube. It is called Yahoo Answer.

Okay, I can hear you giggling.