October 4, 2006

Lovely, Brilliant and Cheers

These are the three primary words in the British vernacular. I have yet to use Cheers but am quite smitten with Lovely and Brilliant. Language in general seems to be much more formal and I find in the cover letters (called covering letters) I am falling into the British style of writing.

Cheers: Used to toast a drink (Stephen prefers to say “cheers big ears”), to say thank you when you do something well or offer helpful assistance. Also used when you say good bye on the phone and in person. I’ve found that people are a bit sad at the end of a phone call if you say, “thank you and let’s talk soon.” They really want a Cheers!

Lovely: Used to describe anything good, well done, beautiful or as a conclusive statement.

Brilliant: Similar to Lovely but a more powerful exclamation. When I gave someone my address over the phone (a gardener who is going to redesign our flat’s balconies and get rid of the bloody pigeons) he said, “Brilliant!” after I completed the information. Was it really brilliant? Indeed I must be smarter here.

And for those of you who laugh at Madonna or think that I am now writing with affected British style – pooh on you. It just can’t be helped. This is really how people talk.

Cheers Mate.