October 9, 2006

Getting with the Program

You may be asking yourself, “what the heck is Amy doing with her time in London? All she blogs about is her cat in Connecticut. What about all the cultural insights we expected from her beyond Cheers, Lovely and Brilliant?”

Well, I’ve been wondering the same things. What have I been doing with my time?

10% sleeping – although fitful rest because of loud busses passing along the street and having to put in ear plugs mid-way through the night.

10% eating – cooking the old standards and going to amazing yummy restaurants that are abundant with every possible cuisine.

10% exercising – yes, its true, I’ve been going a bit overboard on the health classes but they are just so darn good here. Lots of yoga. Today tried Body Pump and I had my rump kicked by a fiery Irish lady body builder.

20% job hunting – I’ve applied for several positions – mostly arts and culture posts that are with granting organisations or borough councils. Searching for a job is a job. I spend 7-10 hours on each application. Plus, I have to figure out the lingo and use it my covering letter and CV (aka cover letter and resume).

20% hanging with me boy – Stephen and I veg in the evenings in front of the TV and weekends are very mellow.

20% socializing – Have done a good amount of hanging out with my mate Simone from San Francisco. She gives birth to her baby today! Also trying to connect with friends of friends. Lots of time connecting via email and telephone with many of my pals in the US.

5% life coaching – Simone, who is a professional life coach and operates cameron coaching, previously coached me. Now her friend Karen is my coach and it is fantastic. Both women are superb at helping you set goals, priorities and action steps.

5% domestic chores – ironing, shopping, laundry, dishes, finding a gardener to do up our two balconies.

10% adventuring – I am exploring the Tube system and will soon move onto the busses. Walking is in the mix too.

Notice what’s missing? Arts and Culture! Actually, just being in London is a huge cultural bath. Every street offers something interesting. I notice that first you look at the sidewalks to get your bearings and avoid dog crap. Next you look at eye level at the buildings, people and parks. I’m at the next phase of actually looking up and to the distance at sights such as tree tops, buildings, and church spires.

Same thing with arts – first I am just amazed by the urban landscape including the people who are arts projects in themselves. Now I’m starting to see public art and galleries. Next phase is actually going out to see art. Stay tuned...