October 30, 2006

Ear Wax Removed

Despite all the advice against sticking anything in my ear Stephen was able to get the offending waxy bit out of with tweezers. It was not easy since I put up such a fuss. Frankly, I was scared about him poking my ear drum. His gleeful smile indicated that this was the most boy fun he had had for a long time - poking around in an ear.

I am not going to post a photo of what came out because I don't want to upset anyone's dinner. The entire time it was lodged in there I imagined a small piece of wax. When Stephen was probing away at it, as we laid on the couch and he held the flashlight in his teeth, I imagined he was trying to pull out the tiniest bit of wax. We were both shocked into awe when he pulled out an inch long piece of wax that was perfectly molded to the shape of my inner ear. No WONDER I couldn't hear for four days. I immediately freaked out and chucked it in the trash and then spent the next thirty minutes asking Stephen all kinds of detailed gross questions about the probing. He likes to do the work, I like to analyse it.

His final comment, "did you hear it make a pop when it came out?" Frankly, I hadn't. So absolutely disgusting. Tell me more. Okay, no more ear plugs for me.