October 28, 2006

10 Answers in 14 Minutes

Well loyal readers you will be impressed to know that I received ten pieces of useful advice in fourteen minutes on the Yahoo Answers website regarding the ear wax problem. Stephen thinks the best recommendation is that I go to a doctor immediately, "you wouldn't mess around with your eye would you?" states one responder.

Here are some of the posts - they get points when they post answsers and if I declare that one of them offers the best advice that person receives the most points. Stephen says points equal prizes. Incentive!

Frankly, I agree with the coalminer and Stephen has verrified from the man's profile that he is from a coalmining town. Take note, I posted this at 11am on a Saturday. Clearly people are networked in the UK and use this as an exciting past time.

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Pour warm olive oil in your ear.
13 minutes ago

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Get some biosun hopi earcandles or go to the website to find a local trained therapist who can do this for you. Lovely and relaxing and will solve your problem. Hope this helps.
12 minutes ago

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go to doctors or minor injuries, it could cause an infection, which are painful and upset your balance, dont start pouring stuff, in, get a pro to fix it, you may make it worse.hope you get it out, good luck

Kevin A
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Get some weak hydrogen peroxide or dilute it and use a drinking straw to drop it into your ear whilst your head is on one side. The effervescence will eventually dislodge the wax and cause it to float to the top. Hold a tissue over your ear when tilting your head the opposite way and you'll see what falls out!
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Try sweet oil, you can buy it over the counter at Wal Mart. Source(s):
personal experience
8 minutes ago

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You could use warm salty water to rinse it out but it is probably safest to go to the doctors and they may syringe it for you.
7 minutes ago

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I'm a coal miner, this is very common for me from month to month. mix hydrogen proxide with warm tap water. 50/50 suck solution into a dropper and drop 5 drops into the affected ear. Continue for 2 or three days the wax will break up fine enough to pass though the ear canal and hearing will repair itself.Hope it helps,Jimhttp://www.bettermember.net/
5 minutes ago

Denise W
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go to A&E NOW, this is not a small matter, your ears are very very delicate & you could easily pierce your eardrum messing about with it yourself....would you start poking around & poring stuff in your EYES...NO I don't think so do you ? Its just as important to have proffessional help with your ears, so get your coat on and get to A&E.