June 16, 2006

Wheel-less and Loving It

Today I sold my Scion, George, back to Toyota. Then thirty minutes later I sold my bike back to Montrose Bikes. I fully expected to sell the Scion but not the bike. Turns out the cost of assembly/disassembly of the bike would cost more than what I paid for it new. I had had visions of riding it this summer in Connecticut, which only added to the cost of more assembly/disassembly.

So, I’m wheel-less. Dropping off George was a relief. No more payments, no more insurance, no more gas and no more damage to a leased vehicle. I’m not cut out for leasing. You need to be neat and pristine like Stephen – in other words, British.
Spent about 10 seconds contemplating taking my roller blades to London. But, I haven’t used them in at least a year, which indicates to me that I probably won’t be blading in London. Maybe I can get a polo pony.

For those of you who have been reading The Kweskin Report since it started you will remember the ode to my red Nissan. George and I didn't have a long enough relationship for me to feel too sentimental. I did give him a loving pat before saying farewell. Did the same for the bike and the guys in the shop thought I was totally nutters. Kind of a guy place - that was way too girly for them.