September 27, 2005

Ode to My Car

Ode to My Car

For twelve years we were loyal friends and today your life starts new
I remember our first meeting when you sputtered to life
The Salinas Nissan dealer jump started your battery for our test drive
Then I popped the clutch on our way out of the lot
We had an instant mutual understanding

I comforted you after the hooligans broke your rear passenger window
And in return you proudly displayed my college stickers
Your license plate seemed like vanity 3FEB703 but it was just a lucky draw
Not so lucky when I backed into another car in the PetClub parking lot
Admit you loved people pushing against the passenger door trying to make it fit

Together we explored the hills of San Francisco wearing out three clutches
Zoomed through the desert without air conditioning
Glistened in the sun driving along the curves of Highway 1
Forgive me for opening the driver’s side door into oncoming traffic
The bling bling hubcaps made up for the sticky sap stains

Morning commutes across the Bay Bridge
You never commented when I tuned into Howard Stern, NPR and KFOG
How many times did we crank the radio and sing along
Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls, Queen and our favorite The Police
I close my eyes, lay back and imagine you comforting me again as I nap