January 16, 2006

Sugar Free Amy

Sugar Free Amy

I'm trying a new food diet - not to lose weight, but to feel healthier. This one features no grains or sugars. Yes, that is extreme but the no grain part is only for the first three days. The no sugar goes on forever.

Sugar does bad things to me. Clearly I have an addiction as obviated in my Peeps post last week. It probably wouldn’t be such a big deal except that it makes me actually feel blind. Could this be the start of diabetes? What happens is that when I eat it I can’t see, and of course I then crash. Plus, I have terrible mood swings which I hope will be solved by a sugarless diet. Maybe Stephen hopes so too - although he's not commenting.

So, the first three days, although I think I may try it for a week, are all about protein, vegetables and legumes. It hasn’t been easy. My dreams are filled with eating sugary yum stuff. But that feeling is supposed to go away and then you can reintroduce grains. Plus, I am very moody and am nearly screaming for sugar - more fun for Stephen.

The worst cravings are at night when I regularly have a glass of wine and maybe some dessert. Instead I tried eating fresh coconut, which was not at all satisfying. Ever try to open a coconut? You want to chuck it across the room and even then it won't open. Trust me.

I got this photo of sugar from a site called Argentine Ant Control.

The photo of the woman whith the coconut is from flickr.