January 18, 2006

Skyping the Light Fantastic

One thing I've noticed over the last couple of weeks is that my email in-box hardly ever has non-junk emails in it anymore. It use to be filled to the brim with so many emails and I eagerly and promptly responded so that there were at least five threads of conversations going on at once. It was a hectic pace but once you get spinning it is easy to stay the course.

Now that I don't have those ongoing conversations with San Francisco friends I'm only receiving the occasional email and usually I take a bit of time to contemplate and craft my response. Not sure how I feel about this change. I miss staying in touch on a regular basis with so many of my friends but I also am enjoying this slower pace of communications.

Another cool thing that is happening is that my San Francisco friends are now calling me to chat. I use to be an emailer but the phone calls are really nice. My friend Simone and I use Skype, which is an amazing service. With the software, a microphone and speakers you can talk to anyone anywhere for free (so they say on their website). The person you’re calling has to also have the software and hardware. When Simone and I get chatting it is even clearer than being on the phone. Since she’s in the UK, except for the time difference, it is like being together. Of course I miss actually being with her.

Request to my friends – get skype I miss you!

Check out this website called Sam's mail box photos. Photos are from there.