January 26, 2006


Another behavior quirk I’m developing is hyper-spaz-ness. Since the pace of work is so much more laid back and what I’d call a bit slow here I’m jumping out of my skin. Now that I have a variety of projects, jobs and clients that keep me thinking I feel like all my pent up energy from the past six months of Texas living is bursting out of me.

When I’m in meetings I have a zillion ideas, I raise my hand, I nod uncontrollably like a bobble head. Call me Wiggly Jiggly. Again, people don’t get it. I have to hold myself back but really want to jump up and down, spin in a circle, run some jolts of juice through the room.

Thank goodness I have this arts administration class to teach. I’m on stage in the classroom. My students seem to be getting my hyper-spaz-ness and are even now laughing at my antics.

At home Stephen sits and reads a book while watching tv while I cook up a storm in the kitchen, chatter away at him, and run around the house. He fits in here. I feel like I’m visiting from a different planet most of the time. Mr. Bill Bobble Head captures it for me.