January 3, 2006

Flying First Class

I am behind on uploading photos from Santa Fe. It is a beautiful place t o spend Christmas and New Year's! Photos to come.

Because of Stephen's Continenal mileage he was offered an upgrade to first class both going to and coming from Santa Fe. On the way out there he said "no thanks" and I was floored - first class was like going out to dinner - even better, a PASS GO and COLLECT $200 ticket.

On the way back the offer came again and this time he thought perhaps if he was in first class it would be easier to upgrade me. He was placed on the stand by list. While waiting at the gate I took the mandatory tour of the gift shops and when I returned he handed me a first class boarding pass! He gave me his first class seat and he offered to sit in coach. Wow! What a great New Year's gift.

I felt guilty until we took off - thinking that the snooty petooty service staff would figure out that I was not Stephen. But we took off without a hitch. The one hour and 35 minute flight wasn't enough for anything but pretzels and beverages. I ordered wine and they kept it flowing. Must have had three glasses in that short flight. When we landed I was totally drunk. I mumbled the entire car ride and passed out when we got home. No wonder the rich are so relaxed.