September 22, 2005

Update on Stephen in Houston

Stephen and I checked in several times today. He now has 3 possible plans.

1. Stay in the house and wait out hte storm.
2. Drive to his work associate's house in Northern Houston and wait out the storm.
3. Get on the road to Dallas or Austin to stay with cousins or in my brother's house.

The problem with option 3 is that the roads are a mess. It is taking people 13 hours to get 48 miles. So, he'll certainly run out of his one tank of gas. Plus, the poor Tika cat is with him and won't be happy.

Stephen's packed the car with our most important papers and stuff. In case of flooding he's moved the first floor items to higher ground.

Seems that the storm is going to hit a bit further east, according to latest reports. This is bad news for New Orleans but better news for us. Stay tuned for updates.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their concern for us. Let's hope that Stephen continues to have electricity so that he can keep me updated