September 19, 2005

Scotland Chronicles – Day 9 – August 28 – Family Gatherings

Since we didn’t stay up to all hours of the night the day after the Ceilidh was actuallyl quite pleasant. My mother-in-law invited everyone over to the house for lunch. Recognizing that it could be quite a group she was clever and created two parties, inviting people over in batches. We began with the Duncan clan who sat around very politely, nibbled on food and reminisced.

The Kweskin clan arrived next and it was a completely different scene. We occupied every spare space, moved from seat to seat, ate every last drop of food, and kibitzed about the past, present, future and more. It was fun to see the contrast of the two cultures and how my family makes themselves at home in any country.

Stephen took John and Nicole to the airport in Glasgow and later that day drove Marlene and Mandeep to the Edinburgh airport. It was very sad to see everyone begin to depart. That feeling you get on the last day of camp when you don’t want the fun to end.