September 19, 2005

Scotland Chronicles Day 12 – August 31 – Butterfly World and Roslyn Chapel

Having heard so much about Butterfly World we decided to take a day trip out to the site with my in-laws. It turned out to be an amazing place. Seemingly small and simple from the outside, once you stepped through the doors you were transferred into a world of butterflies, snakes, bees, lizards and birds. It was a lot like Houston, even boasting authentic humidity. I felt comfortable but the Scots were all dripping.

Next we took a drive out to Roslyn Chapel which was only a few miles away. Stephen was the only one of us who had ever been there so we all anticipated our arrival, especially considering the fame the chapel now boasted from the Da Vinci Code. It did not disappoint. Hundreds of people were on the grounds and they charged quite a bit to get inside. Why not capitalize on the fame? The building was covered with a metal structure that protected it form the rain and allowed us to climb up above the Chapel and look over its beautiful façade details.

As the giant group of visitors sat in the pews the guide told us about countless details of the masonry, carvings and mysterious history of the site. Some believe that the Holy Grail is buried under the sanctuary. It was one of the few chapels I’ve ever felt that I could sit in for hours. The details were astounding and so were the stories. That place has to be haunted. I didn’t venture into the basement room to test my luck.

Apparently it had been a venue for one of this year’s Fringe Festival performances hosting gothic musical play called The Apprentice. It was based on a story we learned from the guide, about a young apprentice who was killed by his master apprentice during the construction of the interior columns. I purchased the music on CD for my friend Rachel who loves all things enchanted.