September 19, 2005

Scotland Chronicles Day 11 – August 30 – Family Departs and Climbing Arthur’s Seat

The whole lot of us took my parents and grands to the Edinburgh airport for a fond farewell. Being crafty folk we were able to swipe their one and only wheelchair for Grammie which was a good thing since the lines were long and filled with hung over artists. Every one was heading back to their homes following the close of the Fringe Festival. It was awfully sad to say goodbye to our little adventure. Having been in Scotland for 10 days and having a tremendous blast I could easily see myself living there forever. The weather behaved, the people were lovely, the food was scrumptious and we had adventures every day. I guess that’s why we have holidays.

In the afternoon Stephen and I met up with my Aunt Patty and Uncle Nolan to climb Arthur’s Seat. Located behind the Royal Mile, Holyrood Castle and Edinburgh Castle the rocky peak has a tremendous view of the city and was believed to be the Seat on which King Arthur sat on his throne. As the cloud cover changed we could infrequently see Bass Rock which appeared and disappeared like Avalon. I felt how ancient this city and land really were and had a new sense of mystery about Stephen and his heritage.