September 25, 2005

Power Play

I spoke with Stephen a couple of times on Saturday. Early in the morning all was fine, he had electricity, no damage to the house, a branch off a tree across the street, and no flooding. Later in the day he had lost electricity as the city powered up and over loaded transformers.

He left me a message from a rowdy gay bar he was passing time in with our prideful neighborhood. Eventually he left, despite the beer, because it was getting "to hot". That can be taken many ways. As he headed off to sleep still no electricity. This morning I received an email from him saying that the electricity was back on at 2am Sunday morning.

Now to figure out when I go back. The city officials are asking people not to head into Houston yet, but they don't have a schedule of when we should. I have a ticket on Southwest to return on Tuesday evening. Before the hurricane hit I quickly purchased a second ticket for a return on Friday just in case there was severe damage or delays. Most likely I'll stay in the Bay Area until Friday.

I didn't realize how stressful it was to be apart from Stephen during this ordeal. Maybe not sleeping for several days would have been a good hint. My time was filled with work, meetings and actually photographing a wedding in Carmel yesterday. At least these were distractions.

When do I actually begin my life in Houston?