May 31, 2005

I'm considering, I'm considering, a move to Texas, a move Texas

Way back when I lived in Ithaca, NY after graduating from Ithaca College in 1992 I worked at ABC Cafe (Apple Blossom Cafe) and became a fan of the group Neon Baptist. Sitting here I am recalling lyrics from one of their songs, "I'm considering, I'm considering, a move to Texas, a move to Texas." A quick web search and I'm finding some bio info Johnny Dowd who co-founded the band and grew up in Fort Worth, TX. A funny story - I had just broken up with a college boyfriend – I called my roommate and said, "I'm going to see Neon Baptist" and she thought I had found god and was going to church.

How do you explain a move to Texas? Stephen and I tell people that we are missionaries - blue staters moving to a red state to at least try to make it purple. That seems acceptable to San Franciscans.

I've discovered the Online Handbook to Texas that according to the site features six volumes of over 23,500 articles about the history and culture. Do I have to read this to figure out life in the Lone Star State? The fee for members is $335.75 and non-members are charged $395 for access to this critical information. What's a member? As an official "blue" person I'm probably not a member. Seems to me that non-members should get the discounted price so that they can survive amongst the members who clearly are already "in the know" about Texas.

I’m considering, I’m considering, a silver lexus, a silver lexus.