July 23, 2014

Why Are You Here?

My yoga teacher Vickie Russell Bell has a practice if reading us a poem at the end of her classes. Yesterday's offering had a line that has been turning in my mind.

"When a friend asks you to get-together, ask why."

This made me think about being present, honest and defining your intentionality.

In my Monday Executive Leadership course I had my students share their 15-Year Leadership Vision, Values and Mission - an exercise in asking and answering "Why".

I woke up in the middle of the night asking myself, "why am I here?" It was an important question that I had never framed in that way for myself. I felt it was empowering to explore my answer and reasoning.

Today in my Culinary Management class my students will be sharing their teams' business concept Vision, Values and Mission. I realize that I also need to have them express their own as well.