February 1, 2014

Now I Get It - Lunar New Year

For the past two days, January 30 & 31, I have been doing "all things outer space" and wondered what was driving me to the great beyond. Coincidence that it is the Lunar New Year? I kicked off the year by watching WALL-E the inspiring Pixar film that asks us to wonder - are we going to pollute this planet until we have to live on an outer space cruise ship?

Then, last night Brian and I headed up to Chabot Space & Science Center where we looked at Jupiter, Orion's sword and a supernova through giant telescopes. This was followed by a spontaneous viewing of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon illustrated by Laserium which was a combination of real outer-space footage and beautiful lasers. Even though Brian and I were probably the only sober ones in the room, it still felt like some kind of acid trip. Plus, there was a person celebrating their birthday and dressed in a horse head. Now I get it - Year of the Horse!