November 18, 2013

Personal Practice Week 6 of 10

This week I attended the San Francisco Make a Wish Foundation's Batkid wish come true event. 

Although I attended this event with my Public Relations and Promotions "hat on" I was still moved by the beauty of the gesture. 

Actually, my regulation was too high in that I felt like crying but would not let myself cry.

I was motivated to see this as a spectacle for pure PR purposes but actually it was motivating to come together as a community.

There was a very drunk guy in the crowd making fun of the entire event. But then he said to his friends, "my brother died from Lukemia" and then I understood that he was working through emotions and not just being a heckler. 

Social Skill
Actually, I demonstrated no social skill in attending this event. I was alone and silent. I suppose in a huge crowd I just wanted to be safe and quiet.