November 11, 2013

Personal Practice Week 5 of 10

This week I attended my friend and colleague Barry Ebner's Open Studio preview party in Bayview Hunter's Point.

As soon as I walked into the main studio building at this former naval shipyard I felt like I was being welcomed home. I have been here for numerous open studios over the years. The sites, sounds and smells of the space remind me of how much I love the visual arts.

Because I attended the preview exhibition the space was quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of the main days. Because of the mellow vibe I was able to stay focused on the few artists who were having previews or were kind enough to let us visit while they were preparing for the next day's rush. 

Being there motivated me to keep visiting visual artists, taking workshops and viewing the pieces of art I have all over my house. Although I work in the arts, it is mostly with performing artists and arts managers. Being at the Open Studio I remembered how much I love visual arts.

While speaking to an artist who was preparing her studio she asked me what I do for a living. I let her know about my work as an arts management consultant and she asked me to give a workshop at the studios. Speaking with her reminded me that I know the language of the arts and have empathy for artists because I studied to be one myself. 

Social Skill
This language of the arts is a vocabulary that includes both the business aspects but also the artistic mediums and methods. This allowed me to immediately connect with the artists on many levels and the conversations were inspiring.