November 4, 2013

Personal Practice Week 4 of 10

This week, how did you practice the following Emotional Intelligence competencies in relation to teaching, yoga, relationships, and consumption of resources?

This week I noticed a pain in my shoulder. It seemed to develop from carrying my bike on my shoulder and sleeping on my side. For the past four months I have had extreme muscle constriction in my right back shoulder blade and right side of my neck and this new pain seemed to be an extension. By Saturday it had become frozen shoulder.

Five years ago I developed frozen shoulder on my right side. Facing this again is a daunting prospect and I feel frustrated, sad and drained. However, at least this time I know what it is and am able to approach the situation with compassion and intelligence. 

As a "budding" yoga instructor I see this unfortunate injury as an opportunity. I've heard that sufferers are usually women between the ages of 40-60. I would like to discover how to deal with frozen shoulder for myself and then share that knowledge with others who have the injury.

In this situation I have empathy for myself. I am going to move slower, more deliberately and intelligently. The key is to relax, lengthen and strengthen. The rest of my body has to remain strong and flexible - as must my mind.

Social Skill
It is important to me that I move on with my life and not get stuck talking about this situation non-stop as though it is my total focus. Yes, there are moments of pain but I have to be present and not lost in the injury.