March 29, 2013

Open Hearted Yoga wih Kofi Busia

My yoga school classmate, Joe, lives down here in Santa cruz. Over the past two days we have attended classes with senior Iyengar instructor Kofi Busia This has been a profound two days. 

Kofi immediately identified that I get migraines, without me telling him directly. During the two classes he used a great deal of humor and physical direction to help me strengthen my torso muscles, front and back. His recommendation is that I go backwards into backbends, from standing, 12 times a day. To demonstrate, he had me do it 12 times today. How was I able to for his so easily as a child? Felt like being on a roller coaster.

I felt that his attention was coming from a loving place, if it was extremely challenging, physically and mentally. Somehow I have lost strength over the years and I think it is the direct result of bad relationships to which I responded by turning in on myself. Now to open up. 

Today I am in Aptos and the people are so calm, friendly and beautiful. Although I love Oakland, as a concept in urban perseverance, does life have to be that hard?

This is a photo I took yesterday near the Ocean in Sanra Cruz.