February 7, 2013

Can Still Recognize the Scottish Lilt

Walking near San Francisco's Union Square I heard two lovely male voices behind me. I slowed down to confirm that they sounded Scottish and then I started walking in step with the two dapper business men. They noticed me and smiled, as I said, "Are you from Edinburgh?" How American of me. One man said, "how nice, "I am from Perth." And the other said "I am from Glasgow, how did you recognize the Perth accent?" "I was married to a man from Edinburgh, actually Ayreshire."

As we rounded the corner of Macy's at Powell, there stood a piper playing his bagpipes kitty corner to us in Union Square. It was all quite surreal, beautiful and a bit sad for the life I once had. Then I paused and celebrated how much I love the woman I am now and this wonderful life.