October 6, 2012

Wave Your Magic Wand

Sarah Jessica Parker asks Chris Colfer on Glee Season 4, Episode 3 "Makeover", "If you can wave your magic wand, where would you be in four years?" A powerful question. She has warmth, kindness and sincerity in her voice. For some reason her demeanor, and the question, bring tears to my eyes. She is speaking from the heart to an aspiring artist who is on the cusp of pursuing his dreams. SJP is an inspiration and I hope that I can be, and sometimes already am, the same for my students.

The quarter has just started this week and I feel extremely optimistic about my classes and students this Fall. It is the first time that I feel relaxed in the classroom. Perhaps I can now focus more on connecting and listening rather than staying half a step ahead of crashing into the blackboard.