March 29, 2012

Thousands of Angry Bees

As I was starting my walk to BART this morning I turned the corner and found myself amongst thousands of swarming bees. This was an unusual and unexpected scene for an urban street. An ellderly woman sitting at the bus stop that was being swarmed started screaming, "I'm scared! I'm scared!" I helped her get our of the way and we both commented that we had never seen such a thing.

I noticed that the bees were swarming out of a second story window of an abandoned church. The building had a real estate sign so I called the number. The phone was immediately answered and I told the woman that one of her sale properties was swarming bees. She too was shocked and said she would take care of it.

When I got off the phone a woman about my age had arrived at the bus stop. The elderly lady and I told her to watch our for the bees. "I called the real estate company." I told her. Her response? "Why did you do that? They are going to kill the bees! Is that your plan? To have them kill the bees?!" I informed her that I had no plan and that she was free to call them too. It was the most unexpected comment. But then I remembered that this corner served a hospital and perhaps she was insane or paranoid.

Now I'm walking home and am interested to see what awaits me at the corner. hopefully peaceful bees back in their hive. I wonder what caused them to swarm?