March 25, 2012

Inspired by Taliesin: Outlining a Vision and a Plan

Spending the evening at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin inspired me to think about both architecture and interior design as well as teaching emerging artist and arts leaders.

As I walked around the property and had the pleasure of sitting on the custom furniture in cozy rooms, I made an effort to note what was making me feel so comfortable. It was the natural materials, the blend of interior with exterior elements and the warm tones of reds and oranges used in the paints and textiles that united all the architectural components.

At the conclusion of our tour the guide gave us a pitch about the architectural school. Listening to her I got an idea: what of I could be a visiting professor teaching the business of art? That made me think about my future in education and how I have so many options open to me for next steps. Now to start outlining a vision and a plan.