November 25, 2011

Scariest Street in San Francisco

I unfortunately just walked down Jessie Street between 5th and 6th in San Francisco at 10pm. Since I am friendly and foolishly fearless, I asked some very scary folks for directions to the dance club at which I am meeting my friend Lynn. Thankfully these folks were very friendly and I was personally escorted by one man. As we walked down the very active alley he told me not to worry because the worst I would see is people smoking crack. As we chit-chatted during our journey one lively character said I was a hot one. Suddenly I realized that I could be on the way to a very unhappy ending. Thankfully, my escort brought me to the club door and I gave him a tip. Unfortunately, they would not let me into the club until Lynn arrives since her name is on the VIP list and she could be bringing someone else. They then turned away from me as if I were dirt. That was pretty crappy after my escort had demanded that I get special treatment. When they told me I had to wait in the Alley all I could think was that my luck could run out.

So, I am now eating a very expensive dinner at a nearby restaurant as I wait for Lynn. Usually I am in bed at this hour.