November 14, 2011

Being Generous with Touching

I'm quite shy about people touching me, unless of course I am romantically involved with the person. But now that I'm in the Yoga Advanced Study Program, taking anatomy and standing poses, I am feeling the benefit of touch. A simple placement of your hand on a partner's ribcage can awaken their body to lengthen into a pose or even relax in an area. I'm also starting to wear tighter and fewer clothes to class so that it is easier for my classmates to see my anatomy and help me improve my poses. It is nice not to think about being too fat or lumpy - none of us think that way. We see past the superficial and are noticing alignment and structure.

I feel that this yoga practice requires generosity and I believe that will be my theme for next year. Generosity can be applied to me and how I treat myself and of course how I treat others. This is my intention for 2012.