July 7, 2011

Sweet Loving in LA with Southwest

My return flight to SFO was on Virgin America via LAX. Got into LAX only to discover that my second leg has been delayed five hours. I could drive back to SF in about that much time.

Unfortunately, my car is parked at BART and it stops running before my flight arrives.

I talked to Virgin and they said I could get a full refund and find a different airline. Of course I'm wearing my hot new shoes and had to walk through three terminals three times to get a new ticket - on Southwest - and then back again to Virgin to request a refund.
The good news is that Southwest has a flight directly into Oakland that arrives earlier than I would have gotten home on Virgin. The bad news is that Virgin is not guaranteeing a refund. Well, I'll deal with them tomorrow.

Southwest is my new friend - as well as the lady who did my body search since I again refused to do a full body scan. She said she would, "not be ruff" and would "treat me right." Sweet loving in LA.