June 7, 2011

Uncaring Neighbors

On my morning walk I passed a business which had been broken into over night - evident by the broken window. When I called 911 they said I had to call the Oakland Police non-emergency number. When I asked for it they said, "you have to call information." That's what I call not helpful.

I walked down a few doors to a shop which was open and said to the owner, "a store a few doors down was broken into and I need the police phone number." He said that he had seen the broken window but it was clear he had not called the police. Another example of not helpful. He searched through a pile of business cards and found the police phone number. He gave me the card and then went into his backroom, leaving me alone in his store, so I walked out and called the police.

When I got the police on the line they put me into their voicemail system that had not a single option that applied to this situation. When I pressed zero I told the operator the situation. She took down the info. Hopefully they will send over an officer.

As I was standing in front of the broken window a woman walked by, snarled and said "that sucks". Yes, it does, but if we don't build a caring neighborhood it will happen again.