June 26, 2011


From DC I quickly headed up to CT for a family gathering we had on Saturday. I'm always quite shy at these get-togethers and never so sure how to explain myself - since sometimes I feel like the mysterious Californian who lives an "alternative lifestyle." In CA my lifestyle would probably be considered anything but alternative but out here, a woman at 42, divorced, living on her own and constantly re-inventing her career, is quite a mystery. So, in preparation, I practiced my lines "Focus on my work as a teacher." Seems silly but it gave me the talking points I needed to feel not-so-shy.

Even better, at the family gathering was my "oldest" friend Lori who I've known since I was a wee tot. Seeing her, catching up and hanging out with her siblings and kids, is like drinking from the fountain of youth. I instantly felt like I was at home with my some of my closest friends and family, which I was.

The day was so wonderful, hanging out, chatting casually, and then catching up with the Kweskin inner circle of peeps for the entire afternoon and evening. I slept so well knowing that I had reconnected with so many wonderful people and also was resting comfortably in a house filled with close family. It healed any rifts in my heart which are inevitable when you live so far away in mysterious CA. 

I'm up here for a few more days and then back down to DC to hang with my sibs.