May 21, 2011

“Is this where,” she asked, “the world is going to end?”

If you haven't yet heard, the world is going to end today - the hotest news from Oakland.

In an Article by  in this week's New York Times state, "OAKLAND, Calif. — If Harold Camping and his followers are correct, Gertrude Stein’s famous comment about Oakland — that there is no there there — may finally be true. If not, some local churchgoers say they will set up encampments outside the headquarters of Mr. Camping, the self-proclaimed biblical soothsayer who has prophesied the end of the world on Saturday, with an eye toward consoling the disappointed."

To celebrate the occasion I am attending an end-of-the-world party tonight, ironically located on a boat - very Noah-like, at which we will eat all of our favorite foods just in case the world is ending.