April 27, 2011

Teacher and Student Find Strength on the Dance Floor

Last night I was watched Dancing with the Stars, a new Guilty Pleasure (the theme of this week's competition), and witnessed a remarkable moment when Ralph Macchio tapped into his karate passion, found his strength and took the lead on the dance floor.

In rehearsal his dancing partner and instructor Karina Smirnoff recognized that Ralph ignited when he demonstrated karate. She built his Karate Kid moves into the dance piece.

When, in the actual performance, Karina slips on Ralph's long coat and falls, Ralph reaches out to her, pulls her back up, helps her find her footing and together they dance with a never-before-seen passion and connection. Watching Ralph take the lead in this way and then seeing the couple dance so beautifully after the fall, really speaks to the trust and belief they have in each other. Karina recognized Ralph's strength and her fall, although unintentional, allows him to find his voice on the dance floor. It was a beautiful moment of a teacher empowering her student and receiving support in return.