February 9, 2011

Wake Up! That's Not My Job

The combination of watching Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and teaching in a Culinary Institute are resulting in flashback dreams to being a waitress. Last night I had several frustrating dreams in which I was thrown back into my summers home from college waitressing position at Brock's Restaurant in Stamford. Although in real life I loved this job, and believe that I did it well, in my dream I had forgotten my training and didn't have enough menus. Customers were totally frustrated because I wasn't taking their orders and when I did, I couldn't remember how to submit them to the kitchen.

Suddenly, mid-disaster I realized this was just a dream and that I could wake up. What a relief to get out of that situation.

I have an interesting "stress tell" like people have their "poker face reveal" which is that I sneeze twice. Just writing this post, as I sit on BART commuting to school, I had my two sneezes. Clearly, this was a stressful flashback. What's next, Photolab customer service nightmares? I would probably need to teach photography to have those.