February 11, 2011

My Grammie's Grin and Tonic

When skyping with my family, my extreme extroversion blossoms and I start working myself into a goofy frenzy. My family laughs, which makes me even goofier and then my dad starts mimicking my silly expressions, which pushes me over the edge of silliness. But you know what really pushes me into this state of goofy-silly? It is the skype video image that I can see of myself. I start hamming it up for me and it becomes a slippery slope.

The good news is that my Grammie, who is often on the skype calls, gives me a really big smile. When a 94-year-old zen master (or is it mistress) like my Grammie smiles, it warms my heart. Today she said I was her tonic and that she can't believe the noises I make. This is something that has been pointed out repeatedly to me this week. Apparently one of most endearing characteristics is my goofy noise-making.

This of course encouraged me to share drunken tales of Gin and Tonic, which when you're 41, on the edge of 42, isn't scandalous when talking to your parents and grandmother.

I aspire to be my Grammie's Grin and Tonic.