February 19, 2011

Have I Become Liz Lemon?

The latest episode of 30 Rock, It's Never Too Late For Now had me looking at myself in the mirror and saying, "Oh No, am I Liz Lemon?" In this episode Liz gives up on love and moves into spinsterhood. She adopts a cat, watches bad TV, wears a fanny pack, hooded sweatshirt, uggs, and keeps her hair in place with a cheesy banana clip. Today I have my hair up in a cheesy hair clip and am wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt and ugg-like boots. Thankfully I do not have a cat and am not wearing a fanny pack but it is only 2:37pm and I have time to make a few purchases. Why am I even watching Hulu at 2:37pm on a Saturday?

As soon as I recognized the uncanny similarities, I removed the hair clip and in the future will do my best not to wear one. However, I am keeping the sweatshirt and boots on because, well, it is Saturday and I am cold. Oh goodness, very not sexy but very Liz Lemony of me.