October 21, 2010

A Teacher Like You

When you teach all week and have to be the meany sometimes it is so rewarding to get positive feedback on occasion. Disciplining my students is my greatest challenge because I believe in bringing out the best in people and I loath confrontation. But I'm learning that students need leadership in the classroom and if you're wimpy or wishy washy they feel unsafe and unsure, resulting in anarchy.

So, when my students today said that I am a teacher who cares about them and who they see as a mentor, it warmed my heart. Is this what it's like to have kids, you are firm to keep them on track and although they are angry about your "direction" they respect you for respecting them? I really do want the best for my students and my intention is to help them reach their fullest potential. Sometimes that journey is on a rocky road but it is paved with hidden gems.