October 18, 2010

Sorry Students, the Tar Bucket Ate Your Test

You would think that school-related anxiety dreams end when you graduate. But when you are an Instructor, they continue far beyond their expiration date.

In preparation for the classes I'm teaching today, Business Ownership and Human Resource Management, I dreamed last night that I was administering an exam but neglected to provide the question. I searched far and wide to find a copier to duplicate the exam but all I could find was an industrial machine inside a huge warehouse. When I pressed the duplication button several giant buckets, suspended from the ceiling, began to pour molten tar into the warehouse. I ran away to avoid being tarred and feathered by my exam question.

Having destroyed school equipment, I had to confess my sin. I searched for my boss, who turned out to be Daniel Goleman, the author of Emotional Intelligence. I told him that I had made a horrible error and had caused the spill of tar in the school's warehouse. His response was that I worry too much and to not give it another thought.

With that guilt off my back, I now searched for my students to tell them the question for their exam. It turns out that many of them were long-time friends who didn't want to tell me my exam was completely confusing. For some reason I had asked them to bring donuts to the exam and now I indulged in my favorite - pink iced donuts.

It was a strange dream. Thankfully, the real class is going well and I have the answers to the students' questions. One even said that I am great at Excel. That was rewarding, almost as a good as a donut.