October 25, 2010

Dare I Say, Routine?

For the past year or so my friend Hisun has been trying to get me to set a weekly "date" with her for a girls' night. No way, was my response, I hate routine. But as my schedule has filled out with a full teaching load, I've started scheduling regular-ish dates with girlfriends.

Now Hisun and I have our weekend Project Runway viewing party, which thankfully turned into sake indulgence last week. Plus, Leah and I are working up to a Tuesday-weekly-sunrise hike in the Oakland Hills. Of course I also have my Saturday morning yoga with Nancy Leigh-Smith at Alameda Yoga Station.

All this commitment is starting to resemble a weekly routine. How unfamiliar and a bit worrying - next thing I'll join a book club or start playing bridge.