September 7, 2010

Noh Space for Premonitions

Sometimes I believe I have premonitions. In the past I thought it was just coincidence, or maybe intuition, but there has to be something deeper going on. That has been the case with my former client Carolena, my lunch date today. Here's how the premonition unfolded...

About six weeks ago I was in the store Five and Diamond in the Mission which features steampunk fashion. Being there brought to mind Carolena and her dance troupe FatChanceBellyDance since they have modeled for the store's print ads. Later that evening I went to see my cousin Michael play gypsy jazz at a bar and who was featured but some of the dancers from Fat Chance. That night I dreamt about Carolena. The next day she happened to email me to set a lunch date to catch up. We hadn't been in touch for over a year.

About three weeks later, two weeks before our scheduled lunch date, I had the same dream about Carolena. Rarely do I have the same dream twice. Now today, when we were scheduled to have lunch, I was at the Art Institute for a teacher training and started chatting with another Instructor. She teaches film and we realized that our worlds overlap. I asked if she films dance troups and she said yes. The first one she mentioned was FatChance. Amazing as I was about to have lunch with Carolena in 30 minutes. Then the Instructor mentioned Noh Space theatre which was another of my recent clients. That mention comes into play at the "end" of this story.

Before heading over to the Mission to meet for lunch, I stopped into the school library to take out some more fashion films. I picked up one called Valentino the Last Emperor and two films on fashion retailing. Again, theses come into play at the end of my story.

As I approached the restaurant there was Carolena and we walked the last block together. I told her about meeting the film maker just a few minutes earlier and how we were destined to get together for lunch.

As we caught up on our various projects Carolena started telling me how she is getting back into fashion. Turns out she watched The September Issue film the same day I did and then she recommended Valentino the Last Emperor which I immediately took out of my bag to show her. The fashion retail films also caught her interest since this is another area she is pursuing. We then talked about leadership coaching and mediation which she is now offering as a service. Sound familiar?

As we exited the restaurant I asked how her annual Devotion show went this year. We started talking about her show for next year and she said, "we're looking at doing it in Noh Space".

I suppose that this may just seem like a series of coincidences, or perhaps I surround myself with amazing women who are tuned into the same interests as me. But really, I think that I have premonitions and these story doesn't end here.