September 9, 2010

Full Frontal Push

The long weekend seemed like such a good idea. But now that we've hit Thursday, I and many of my friends and colleagues are rushing to get work done because we "lost a day".

Thursdays I teach Business Ownership and the eleven students, many close to graduation, are each writing a business plan. They have two weeks to finish their work and present the final plan, but it just isn't enough time - for them or me. My brain is on overdrive as I push through reading each of their 20+ page plans, analyze their business proposition, review the numbers, edit the spelling and grammar, and at the same time try and answer random questions.

I am blown away by the quality of the work they are doing. Each plan has so much thought, detail and creativity. I have to be on top of my game and their's too. Teaching these upper level students is thrilling and I am inspired every day by their achievements. Now to figure out how to keep my brain working at the speed of creative venture development which is somewhere near warp speed x 200.