July 22, 2010

Define a Process and Teach it to a Friend

For tomorrow's Career Development class I just developed this assignment. Since the students are from all different arts majors (although at least a third of the class are Graphic Design majors this quarter) I am going ask them to pair up with someone from a different major to explain a process they use in the creative work.

First, we will discuss Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and share the results from the "test". This will help us understand out preferred communication styles and also help understand how the "opposite" types take in and process information. Then we will watch a short video of where George Lucas explains his process of previsualization (thank you Janice Levy for teaching this concept to me way back at Ithaca College). From here I will have the students identify and define a process they use in their creative work.

Now the fun begins as they follow theses steps:
1. Get process down to 3-4 steps.
2. Explain the process to your partner.
3. Provide an example so that the process is memorable.
4. Have your partner explain it back to you.
5.Your partner will then explain the process to the class.

This is great preparation for interviewing as well as management, team-building, instruction, and mentoring. We'll see how it goes.