May 8, 2010

238 ESP

Am I psychic or just sensitive to the numbers 238, which happen to be my favorite numbers?

The woman on line in front of me at Trader Joe's had a huge cart filled with eats and I kept wavering about staying behind her. At one point I even switched lines and then switched back. When her purchases were finally tallied the checker covered the total and asked her if she wanted to guess. I said, "238" and the checker said, "are you serious? The total is 238.38. Did you look?" Nope, I had just guessed.

This has happened to me twice before with 38, both with people who have a March 8 birthday (38), as I do. Both times I simply said to the person, who I had just met, "your birthday is March 8." It came out of nowhere and it was correct both times.

I asked the Trader Joe's checker his birthday and it is April 2. So that wasn't it. He then said, "don't read my thoughts and tell me what I'm thinking now."

When my order was processed he asked me to guess the total and I was way off. It was $51, probably the most I've spent in Trader Joe's in years.

There is something about 238 that speaks to me, literally.
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